Plugin Land SMP
Owner Dfroom
Status online
Players 0/60
Version latest
Rank 2
Votes 1
Uptime 100%
Last Check 13 second(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types MCMMOPvEPvPEconomyAnarchy

Plugin Land Smp - Uptime 100% *USE DISCORD FOR HELP OR SUPPORT*

This Semi-Anarchy, Plugin crazy server is all about having fun & building a community! I want this server to be created & updated mainly by YOU the player 😎 I will be working hard to keep adding new Content, Events, Updates & suggestions from the community!

🌟Many Features🌟
- Come start your own guild or with friends! Build & expand your guild base to become the strongest on the server πŸ’ͺ Only guilds can claim land Guild Leaders can start WARS with other guilds βš”οΈ & Guild members share a guild vault to keep your most precious items safe πŸ”’ Or just join a guild already made on the server πŸ˜‰
- Take part in some Custom staff made quests πŸ›‘οΈ Earn Xp, Levels, In-Game Cash, Custom Items & much more! 😜 I will be constantly adding now quest and custom items throughout the life of this server 😎
- Easy transport around the server map using Warps 🌌 Staff set warps can be accessed through /gwarp list βœ”οΈ Up to 10 Home warps can be set for Free players & 20 for Premium Server players 🏠
- Free & Premium Battle Pass ✨ Come with Daily, Weekly & Monthly challenges complete to be rewarded well πŸ€‘